Dominic Scott


The Dervarič tourist farm is a family farm in the quiet village of Kopriva in the eastern part of Jeruzalemske gorice.

We are proud of the production of white varietal wine of the varieties Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Rizvanec and Šipon, which are autochthonous Slovenian varieties.

Our products

At the tourist farm we try to produce as many domestic products as possible, which are the fruit of our work or produced by the Pomurje farmer.

Our product collection ranges from homemade apple juice, elderberry syrup and various other juices.

Apple cider vinegar, and various herbal vinegars with garlic, rosemary and other herbs.

We have a registered distillery, where we make various spirits from fruit to plum and, depending on the harvest, some other fruit spirits. From spirits we make liqueurs that are packaged in various decorative packaging, such as gifts for guests, business gifts, holiday packages and the like.

Dominic Scott
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