Exploring the countryside


Tours and attractions in the area to liven up your free time.


Visit three local wineries with wine tasting and catering on our farm. (by appointment)


Possible tours along the river Mura

  • rafting on the river Mura (for a minimum of 4 person)
  • cycling routes (klik to view)
  • Babic Mill on the Mura River showing the traditional extraction of flour, Veržej (klik to view)
  • Drive by ferry and visit the island of love, Izakovci(klik to view)


Municipality Razkrizje and its attractions

  • Visit of the prehistoric settlement 5500 years ago, showing the life in the settlement and tasting ancient bread from prehistoric oven with the accompanying speech of Razkrižje mayor (klik to view)
  • Visit Ivanov spring with a display of folk beliefs associated with Ivan spring and energy points
  • Visit the parish church of Sv. John of Nepomuk
  • View blacksmith’s museum and see the blacksmith work
  • Oil mill Gibina, see and participate in the production of pumpkinoil


Municipality Ljutomer and its attractions

  • Capital of region Prlekija, harness racing, visit the racecourse and training of trotters, ethnological museum
  • Traditional pottery Zuman (klik to view)
  • Countryside Museum in Pristavi with a traditional snack (klik to view)
  • touristic wine road Jeruzalem


Termalna kopališča in ostala kopališča

  • Spa Banovci
  • Spa Lendava
  • Spa 3000
  • Bio Spa Mala Nedelja
  • Spa Radenci
  • openbaths Ljutomer, Ormož


Other attractions and landmarks

  • Bukovnica lake boating and fishing, bio-energy point, adrenalin park (klik to view)
  • Gajsevci lake
  • Tradicionaln pottery, Filovci (klik to view)
  • Museum of Apiculture, Zgornje Krapje (klik to view)
  • The possibility of a carriage ride in the beautiful surroundings and horse riding.
  • View the cultivation of orchids Ocean Orchids v Dobrovniku (klik to view)
  • View the production of Slovenian tomato Lušt in greenhouses on thermal water (klik to view)


Where in Slovenia

  • Excursions in Slovenia, pilgrimage routes, Slovenian hiking trails, towns and farms, parks and attractions (klik to view)